Book Private Ensuite Room

Ensuite Rooms

Our deluxe ensuite rooms are for those of you who are after the traditional hotel-style experience. You’ll enjoy having your own private and comfortable room and ensuite, ocean views and serviced rooms for multi-day stays. Perfect for those looking for a romantic getaway in Cervantes, or a trip that the whole family will enjoy, the deluxe rooms sleep up to 5 people and of course, include all the Lobster Lodge facilities, including shared kitchen, high-speed internet and the shared lounge area.

Double bed, 2 singles. Ocean view. Sleeps 4.
Disabled access room. Double bed, single bed. Sleeps 3.

Both $135 per night. 

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Special Facilities

High Speed Internet

Our high-speed internet will ensure you’re always able to contact home.

Affordable rooms

An option for every budget, our rooms won’t break the bank.

Ideal location

There's no shortage of things to do in Cervantes and the surrounding areas along the beautiful Turquoise Coast.

Communal living areas

Come as a visitor, leave as a friend. Our communal living areas are the perfect environment to meet friends on your holiday.